Who are we?

Or I’ll do you one better: why are we?


Creating solutions and providing service for humans first


The maximum experience for clients and users.

Our values

We value our values. This is what you can expect from us.

A Personal touch

We love technology. But what really makes us stand out in the crowd is our knowledge of tech in perfect harmony with a personal, human approach. We enjoy personal interactions with clients and users and we strive for long-term, flourishing relationships.

Witty in the nitty gritty

We love wittiness. Seeing you smile makes us smile even more. Humor, quirkiness and creativity, where at first there might be none, gives us energy and new ideas.

Sincerely yours

We’re honest, open and we speak our minds – politely of course. For the best long-term relationships, we expect the same from the people we work with. Only sincerity and genuineness. That’s how we Make it Max!

Brands we had the pleasure of working with

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Interesting cases

Vleesch & Co

Vleesch & Co

Vleesch & Co. On a mission to a better world with a future-proof webshop.Client Vleesch & CoType WebdesignDeliverables Website, WebshopWebsite



Cocoroco. Testing the waters before taking the plunge.Client CocorocoType User Testing, PrototypingDeliverables User Tests, PrototypesWebsite Cocoroco is...

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What they’re saying through the grapevine

“We can’t imagine product development without Make it Max. The impact they have realized for us is huge. Even our users at one point indicated that our UX has gotten significantly better since we partnered with Make it Max!”

Reza Sardeha

“What a breath of fresh air. Working with Make it Max is like a little party. The team is very flexible, thinks along well and knows how to surprise us regularly with new angles. The fact that all the expertise is under one roof made for a pleasant collaboration. I look forward to what the future will bring.”

Bas de Meulemeester
Head of Marketing