UI design.

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Effective User Interfaces (UI) design for trouble-free navigation.

Ever go on a road trip without a map? That’s what having no solid user interface (UI) design is like. It’s difficult to get from point A to B without an organized user interface to guide people through. Without a comprehensive UI design, your users are at risk of (metaphorically) falling off the grid and entering the void. Blackhole jokes aside, what you want is for your users to get by with a good user interface. But what makes a good UI design, you ask? And how do I get more clients this way? 

We take pride in creating quality UI designs that make sense—and we’re about to explain to you why it should be important to you as well.

Female drawing mobile UI design with fineliner

What makes a good UI design?

First, let’s start with the basics: user interface (UI) is a set of designs that are created to ensure all pages (either from a webpage or an app) stay consistent to one look and interactive for the user. A product has a good UI design when it meets the expectations of a user of the software and maximizes its role.

Gone are the days of overly grandiose and flashy websites—the first thing to keep in mind is that it should be simple enough that users will interact with it with ease. (Check out our blog: Accessibility design: what do you need for an accessible website?). There’s a high chance that your user will stick around to see what your brand can offer besides the aesthetically pleasing decoration and sleek animation from page to page and go, “Ooh, pretty!”

Person holding an iPhone with a design on it. In front of the user is a laptop with the same mobile designs

Okay, but what makes a UI design cool?

What a “cool website” is, tends to be subjective to most people—what looks pleasing to you, a minimalist, for example, can look bland and dreary to someone who prefers to see lots of colors and mind-blowing animations. But like the skeletons in our bodies and the wooden frames in a tiki hut, a website’s UI design need to include basic components to make sure every user has a smooth experience. 

According to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, a website has to be:


Is your website accessible to everyone? Are they able to use more senses?


Can your users access your websites across all screens? Do they need to use special or additional tools to use your website?


Does your website use easy-to-understand words?


Will your website stand the test of time, or will it be obsolete six months from now?


Does your website use easy-to-understand words?


Will your website stand the test of time, or will it be obsolete six months from now?

In case you haven’t noticed, these four principles spell out POUR, as in… once these boxes are ticked, you have to pour yourself a drink as a celebration; we’ll even pour you some ourselves! 🥂

In addition to POUR, your users have to find comfort in a usable, accessible, scalable, and delectable website. If your UI design looks and feels alive enough, they will keep coming back for more. Let them chase you like an ice cream truck, or a cocktail bar on a Friday night.

“Now I want one of those!” — you say?

You may be asking yourself now, “I want a beautiful website that speaks about my brand, my business.” And honestly, we want that for you, too. Your visitors/users deserve to get from point A to Z and back with a simple yet cohesive UI design, which happens to be one of our specialties. You and your business deserve a UI design that reflects all your quirks and curves—and we’re just the right fit for you!

We like to keep things fresh and fun while simultaneously serving the straightforward UI design your website needs. It’s kind of our middle name. So, are you thinking of having an iconic UI design of your own? Hit us up with a friendly message here so we can get started.

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